September 5, 2014


I was told that I can be a teacher, just because when I talk it sounds like "I know what I am talking about." Maybe it is true, maybe I can really be a good teacher. It may not seems like I can be one right now though, but I am confident that I would be able to do it in the future. 

When I was growing up, I was told not just by my teachers but also by the society, that a teacher is our second parents. We spent a good amount of time listening to them, looking at their faces, following what they are telling us to do, even sharing emotion with them. They really are our second parents outside of our home. Despite of their strict decorum, they alway show compassion. 

At least that is how I have been brought up. In our culture.

What about here? how do they treat "teachers" or "Educators"? Based on my experience, if a student does not like a teacher or their class instructor; a decent child would not do anything, however, a mannerless child would look a that person as just somebody. 

Back home, I have seen teachers cry because students are leaving the institution. Here, I see teachers crying because of the incivility of a student. Here teachers are just a school employee. 

Why? Why can't I see the importance of teachers here?

Is it because of the teacher?

The culture perhaps?

Their parents?

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