December 05, 2014


Someone had ask me once, “What do you do during Christmas?? Do you spend a lot of money for decorations and gifts?? Is it your holy day??” Clearly, the person who had ask me that question does not observe the Christmas Season for a clear reason – the person does not belong to the faith that celebrates it. I answered back with some hint of frustration and understanding, “We celebrate. Family, love ones and friends will get together to eat, exchange gifts, recollect Christmas stories, and tell more stories.” The person then asked me again, “So you need to have a lot of money to spend??” I said “No!”

To many Christmas season is the time of the year where you have to exchange gifts. To me, it is the season that I always look forward to see. It is, for me, the most special season of the year other than a sunny summer day. It is a Thanksgiving sans turkey (but still served in many culture). According to my Christian belief, Christmas day is the celebration of the Birth of our Saviour. Thanks to early Catholic Scholars for giving a specific date for this season.

I celebrate Christmas because I believe that is the celebration of joy, peace and hope. Though lacking of many things, the happiness of this whole month and the Eve of Christmas always brings joy into my heart. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same notion about Christmas. Many people who share the same faith are no longer looking forward to see this joyful event. These are the people that are now lacking of the most important factor – Family.

Homeless, orphans, abused victim, soldier deployed on a conflict, neglected seniors, forgotten prisoners, parents that lose a kid and those who are suffering from a devotion caused by several internal and external factors, and many more, are some of those who are trying to be thankful for this another Christmas. They are the one, which probably includes many of us, that always wish to have a very joyful celebration. Please let us not forget about them. 

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