March 11, 2015


It was back years ago when I said to myself that I will pursue an artistic journey all my life and from that alone my fate will be based on. It was a passion that requires a sense of creativity, talent, discipline and acceptance of nonuniform ideas. I have forced myself to learn theories, foundations and even the history on what caused such method to influenced what is known today. I welcomed the idea of blending in while trying to stand out of many, thus I called it the "Unique bandwagoning." It was not just a fad, however, but a trend that until now people are still following. 

Unfortunately, trend had become a long running fad that is being repeated over and over again in the same manner, same idea, same style. It was almost comparable to drinking coffee; few have been added to menu, but still the same coffee bean, same espresso machine and even same quantity of every ingredients. 

It did not change, until I realized that it was merely just a yearning for sense of belonging to the same community. It was myself trying to slip into the same fad I have been despising. Looking back to how it looked like, I can now taunt myself freely without regrets. What has gone wrong? 

Now, after gathering all strength and realized what must be prioritize and what can be done on the side, I set my feet on a new adventure. Plenty of things have all changed and will never be the same anymore, many have been left miles behind and can no longer catch up and others have completely forgotten . Fad may still be the same, as well as trend, but opportunity changes and must not be missed. 

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